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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Ok this is it peoplez .. !!!
The last game b4 the finals ..
Power Vs Crows...
We are in top spot !!!
So it dont matter if we win or lose ..
My guess is we will kick there ass !!
Then we host the first finals game
Com on the POWER !!!!
Finals here we come !!!

Friday, August 29, 2003

DAM !!
Spoz stole my story today ..
About - For love or money a TV show that i watched last nite ..
I personally believe it must of been produced by Playboy or another Porn industry Company ..
Not to mention straight after the show there was a Film made by Playboy !!!
A bunch of Hot chicks have to make a rich man fall in love with them ...
Isn't that watt most chicks do anywayz ..
And then at the end when he chooses his dream girl, they get given a Million dollarz ..
Bloody Rubbish Tv Shows ... Ohh yerr theres hupes of them out there
Don't get me started !!!

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Well this is what you have been waiting for the Classic stories of Copy One !!

Classic Story (1) ..

Many of my crazy stories where in Primary School, So this is one of the early Ones ..
Check it..

We used to play a game in Grade 3 called Rope. It was where you’d run around as fast as you can with a Small sized rope, and the person to grab the rope is the Winner.. And then they would have their turn ..
Anywayz it was a Cold Wet Winters Day. The Grass was wet and there were Puddles of Mud everywhere. Well you Guessed it … I was running for the rope .. I could see it in my sights .. And as the rope started turning, I turned with it and jumped for it. Straight into the BIGGEST pile of Mud, you have ever seen. The Whole school was there to have a look. I was covered from Head to toe in Mud .. The funny thing is thou.. it was only on one side of my body .. The other side was perfectly clean.
As it turns out the school had to ring my parents for new clothes. But they were unable to reach them. So they then rang the next of kin .. Which at the time happened to be my dads mate Wayne .. He had 2 kids of his own .. So he ended up bring down some clothes. It was a track suit which happen to be 2 size 2 small. It was Grey and red and came only half way up my Arms and Legs .. And for the rest of the day The kids had another chance to have a laugh at me .!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Hey Guess Watt ?

I've just bought a new ABC warriors Comic ...
Its a collection of all the Limited Edition B&W Comics
Found in the 2000Ad Series
Im Bloody Stoked !!! Cost $35 but it was worth it..

If you don't know who the ABC Warriors are
Check my site ...
CopyOne Productions

Monday, August 25, 2003

Bloody Blogsplog ..

Ere i was thinking i was going to keep up with this everyday...
But No i fuckd it up in the first week ...
But yet Im doing my best to keep it running
Y ? you ask ..
Well i did this first 4 me too look back on one day ..
Kind of like a Journal ..

So too my thoughts..

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Cds On High Rotation ...

Top 5

Roni Size - Touching Down
Spoz - Live at Barron Townhouse
Eminem - Infinite
Gerling - When terrorist chase the sun - { I think thats rite - Can't remember}
Rakim - The 18th Letter ..

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Yerr Babe
Got my Digital camera up and running now..
I just recently bought the new Cannon IXUS II
thats not the the old IXUS V2 if ya wondering !!
Its great ..
I've been itching to get one of these puppies for a long time now
And after seeing Spozzie V3 i knew it was time ..
Ive already take over 200 photos and im looking forward to taken more.

I'll be giving spoz some of the photos from the TE gig
to thow up on our Subwoofer Website soon ..SubWoofer

Monday, August 18, 2003

Crazy Weekend ...
Yep indeedie Doo ..
Although i didn't make it to my Third party on Sunday
Sorry Joe.. Busy in the garden, I know, i know lame excuse !!
I did manage to pull the rest of the weekend off quite nicely..
Startin Friday nite wid da TE gig ..
It felt good cuttin sick up there on stage
And the Sounds were Phat from where i was standing..
Bass Babe Bass .. Courteous of the man they Called Spoz..
TestEagles perform wicked as normal
And the Mosh pit was intense..
Saturday was chilled with another Win from the now league Champions
THE POWER !!! Finals here we come ...
And finishing of the nite with Trishs party ..
So yerr ... All round it Was Kick AZZ !!

Friday, August 15, 2003

Man ..
I can't believe how hard it is to keep up with this blogspog..
Im usually pretty busy, but just recently i've been swamped with things to do..
So hang in there People..{ if there is any of you out there !!!}
I'll be getting back into the swing of things after this weekend ..
Can you believe this weekend i have three parties to attend..
1 Footy game ..
and 1 gig to play at ..

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

When something important is coming up !!
? Subwoofer Gig with TE this Friday if you didnt know already ?

You know when An important event is on the horizon ?
Well for me.. It seems that things start to go wrong
I really need to be on my toes ..
Such as the other day at work nearly fell of my mover and Broke my ankle.
Money problems start to arise .. The bills all start coming in !!!
You be come ill or your partner is ill
You get pissed of with all your mates.
Things start blowing up left, right and centre ..

And if you are lucky enuff to make it to the event..
The event is either Fuckin Unreal or Shit !!
But believe me this Gig
Is going to KICK AZZ
So be there Friday Yo !!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Ok he iz another great site i reckon ya check out The Four Horses
Turn ya music up and keep in time wid da beat ...

Monday, August 11, 2003

Ok now for the weekend report ...

Great start to the weekend with a nice meal at the PA's
Then another kick azz lo-Fi set from the man they call Warwick Ing !!
Got busy playin FuzzBall wid da boys .. Victory was mine !!

Then on to Saturday ..
Quick search for a table for our Subwoofer gigz
And then a gig to play at the Rhino Room
After watching the Great August Fallz play
i was ready to rock..
But we had to wait until Dirty Sanchez finished ..
Those guys had ripped a hell of alot of Samples for there set
But still a nice chill sounding outfit.

Then it was time for the Woofer !!
On first approach i tripped out coz of a Tech prob ..
Dam beat stopped through the first song ..
Through out my timing out badly
But we recovered well ..
And all in all we had a kick azz time..
Then the next move was an interesting one
Dr Goodhed Vs Subwoofer ...
Although i tried to let, Spoz and Matty mix it together for awhile
I had to kick in some Freestyles ..
We got it recorded i hope so it should be cool to listen too..

Last but not least
there was the Sunday ..
POWER Vs Calton game at Footy park
We won by about 40 points .. Bloody cold down there !!
and a shit load of Burnin of T3 at the Outlaws place..

And thats it for another exciting adventure in the life and weekendz
Of the Copy One ..

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Huge weekend !!

Will give you a run down 2moro
Way to F*?KD to do it now ..
Time to catch up on some sleep..
See Ya kiddies

Friday, August 08, 2003

There are so many Mr Men and little Miss Characters,
Aren't they great !!!
How would you like to make your own
Well now you can ?

Check It !!
Money ..
The root of all evil ?
The Road to happiness ?

Can money make you rich on the inside ?

I know for a fact that having money makes life a little easier
Making things easier makes me feel more at ease
Being at ease makes me happy
Being happy makes me feel Good
The thing is ..
Why is it when i go to spend it
It Pisses me off.
I can't let it go !!
And everything seems so damn expensive too.

One thing i find amusing about money
Is how people will travel a couple of K's out of their way
Up the road to the Petrol station just to save 50 centz
And then buy a chocolate bar worth $2
Which they could of got next door at the supermarket for
A Dollar ?

The problem is ..
Im one of these people.
The Petrol part ..
Not the chocolate bar part
Coz i'd walk over to the supermarket
and buy the bloody chocolate bar
Then jump in the car
Cruze up the road doin 100 clicks
And get busted by a fuckin Cop
and have to pay $230 for nothing !!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Quick note ...
This is the third day of writing so it may be best to start at the beginning..
OOkkay !!
Launching Operation sequence
Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok welcome all to my Blogspot, or as i like to call it blogspog !!
I thought i'd start by sayin 2day is my birthday
Hence the two years i got to complete this ..
i'll finish it when i'm { Ummm } Not tellin you that !
B- Dayz are crazy to me ..they reprezent
The most important day of your life
The day you were born { Ummmm - just incase you didn't know }
And the thing is
Most people either dont care about theirs
Except for pressie !!
Or if your like me
Wait for some kind of appreciation ..
Hey its nice to know you Happy Birthday.. stuff
But the thing is How Da fuck can you remember them all ?
I can hardly remember peoples names let alone B-dayz ..
So to all those who missed My B-day
Ill kick ya ass l8r !!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Day Two .. Well not really, it's the second test. It all begins 2morow ..
Why you keep asking .. Y not just get straight into it ?.
You'll just have to wait and See !!

Testing 1,2

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

WOrD iZ BoRn ... CopyOne the Bloggspotter iz ErE ...
Welcome all to my Site ...
Many Great stories are to unfold here over the next two yearz ...
Why you ask are my doing it for only two years ?
The Answer to that and much, much more
Stay Tuned ..

Testing, Testing 1,2,3 ...

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