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Monday, October 27, 2003

Watt a Week !!!

Wow !!
This week has just been crazy ..
Watt started out to be the week from Hell
Ended up being a weekend to remember !!!

Have a listen to this ...

First thing Monday morning i get a Rolla door put in ..
Then Tuesday night the Car blows up
On the way back from Spoz at 11:30pm
Only to find out that.. if i had of continued my Journey
I would of ..
More or likely ended up in a car accident
Which nearly took the life of 2 men and a dog!!
I saw the aftermath and believe me it wasn’t pretty !!
Then Wednesday morning i get told that the car is going to be
Bloody expensive to repair !!
Finding out that i blew the radiator, the water pump etc..
Thursday i get the Bill for the Car !! $610 ..
Only to wake up the Friday
Getting ready to have the our new Wardrobe installed
And i go to put my sock on and
BAM i F*#K my anlke ..
Cant hardly walk the rest of the day ..
But low and behold i have a gig to play that night !!

But the as they say
The show must go on
So as it happens the pain killaz
Kicked in along with the Free beers
And the Gig was a success
We kickd ass dropin a slammin set ..
And got paid well for doing it !!
The next day I went to see
The Jungle Brothers at traffic !!
And was lucky enuff to catch up with Mike Gee
After the show..
Many beers later Spoz, Jarred and Myself
Court up with the Hens Night
And finished the night at Rise !!

Until next week
When i have another Big weekend..
Bring on the Bucksnight !!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Getting it right

It seems to me that everything i touch at the moment
Turns to shit !!!!
I don't know if its because
I've have to much on my plate
Or if im just having a case of bad Luck
I need help ...

But as it turns out
i know that time will cure the problem
I just have to be patience
And let things take their course
But its not helping me at the moment !!
The Anger is building and until all
The house work is complete
I will not rest !!!

Monday, October 20, 2003


Well this weekend i spent the whole time
Doing work around the house ..
It was well worth it coz
We managed to paint the bedroom
And get it ready for the Inbuilt Wardrobe we are putting in..
We are also having a Rolla door put in as well ..
So i also had to clean and cut back any over hang trees
Which may of affected that area ..

We also went out and purchased a New Bed and Letter Box ..
Bloody expense but well worth it i reckon
So I cant watt to see watt our
New bedroom and House will look like after it finished..

Bring it ON !!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


As some of you may or may not know..
The JB'S are heading to Town !!
JB's being short for Jungle brothers will be playing at the
Traffic Nightclub on the 25th of this month
I strongly advise those of you into early Hiphop or any type of hiphop for that matter
to get your Azz down to see these guys perform..
They drop rhymes over just about anything from Crystal Method to Propellerheads !!
These guys r living hiphop legends not to be missed !!
Get your tickets

Venuetix $38

Friday, October 10, 2003


We all know One !

I just finished watching the Steve ‘O DVD
Which my friend has just lent me { Thanks Jarred }
And I still can’t believe these types of people even exist ..
{ Well that’s not true Coz I know Crazy Craigelles
and he just nearly killed Spoz
with a practical Joke that sent him flying down a stair case backwards !!}
Anyways I was sitting watching Steve O lighting this hair and face on fire !!
And thought to myself why would a show like MTV encourage their watchers with this type of behaviour..
I mean their younger viewers { not all, but most } are very influenced by watt they watch on TV.. And b4 ya know it .. the craze will spread like a disease to those that are influenced by this type of behaviour ..
And sure enuff it has .. Your getting all these copycat pranksters running around fuckin shit up .. And thinking its funny !!

Ok well some of it is and I can’t get enuff of silly shit ..
Especially when I have my Digital Camera
Ready and waiting to capture it !
But it does go beyond a joke sometimes !!
Enuffz Enuff

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A recipe for disaster – Free Alcohol for 2 dayz

Well that’s watt I had awaiting me this weekend
2 dayz of free piss !!!!!!!!
Well, I still live to tell the story
So here it is …

It started on Saturday Arvo when I went to the
Pullmans Restaurant at the Casino
There was free drinks and food for approx 3hrs
And believe me, when theirs Alcohol to be drunkin
Anyone that knows me,
Knows that I can down them at the best of times…
So anyways 24 beers later and I find myself at the Berkeley
Drinking someone else’s kaliuha just so I can taste the milk ?
Not long after that I was being dragged to my mate’s friends BBQ
And that’s when the Headache kick in
So I pleaded my case and left for home...
Passing out on lounge at 9pm ..Saturday nite !!

Only to do it all again Sunday Arvo
It was my friends Engagement Party
Congratulations to Darren and Eva btw
They truly do make a lovely couple !!
Anyways there was also free alcohol to be had there as well ..
But this time I was with my wife
So, I thought it best to let her do the drinking for me
Although I did drink 6 beers at the beginning,
Just to get into the mood.
And believe me I could have drank more
But I was now the designated driver
So, I chilled out for the rest of the day
Watched everybody else get drunk { Something that doesn’t happen often }
And drank a few coffees instead
Which were bloody beautiful btw …

Believe me I could do with a weekend brake from drinking,
But another 5 working days / 4 this week and I’ll be looking to do it all again..


Until Next time !!!

Thursday, October 02, 2003


I can't believe how difficult its is to find the right motherboard for my
New PC I’m looking at building...
I can't understand a bloody thing they are telling me ..

IEEE 1394 connectivity, the unique POST Reporter and IDE RAID technology..

Now watt da fuck das that mean ?
I want to buy something that’s going to last me along time ..
And has all the capabilities that it may need in the future
but the way technology is moving I’ve got no idea...

This is going to take sometime !!

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