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Monday, November 24, 2003


I just like to congratulate Darren and Trish on there wedding
Welcome to the club Guys
Its all down hill from ere … hehehe

They held it at McLarens on the lake
And what a fantastic day it was !!
Plenty of beer, wine and food
Fun people and great speeches…
Thankyou Brenton for keeping it short..
We all know how hard that must have been for you !!

I think all that attend had a great time
And as always, I was the last to see the party out
Finishing up around 6am …..
I had my spa in my room and then went to bed
Only to be woken 15 mins later by Cindy
Telling me she want to leave..
Because we only had a few hours before check out

All the best on your Honeymoon Guys
And we will see you in two weeks ….

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Slackin It

Well, as any of you that know me
Could have guessed
That it would not take me long
To neglect this website of mine..
And yes, I know it has
Taken me ages to write
Something new

So I’m back once again to write

Something New …

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